God Sees Your Not Yet

God Sees Your Not Yet


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Please know that just because God leads you from an unsavory place does not always mean that your past will not begin to relentlessly pursue you. Your past will make every effort to detract you from your destiny. You have to determine that although you are in route to a destination, you will not allow any person or anything to deter you from reaching it. Just because your past begins to pursue you does not mean that you should walk in fear. The question becomes how will you respond when your past catches up with you? Will you tuck your tail and run? Will you coward up and capitulate to the abuse of your past? Will you allow your past to talk you out of the journey that you are on? Only you can make these decisions. What you must know about your past is that your past often times has one purpose. The one primary purpose of someone constantly leveling assault upon assault against you with your past is an effort to make you feel ugly, inadequate, and incapable of pursuing and walking in the destiny that God has for you. At this juncture in your life you must remain resolute in knowing that God has been with you through many dangers, toils and snares. You must know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God will complete the delivery process of delivering you from current and future storms, which in this case is your past. What you do when your past finally catches up to you is vitally important. I suggest that you stare your past right square in the eye and trust that God will carry you through. Tell your past that you are thankful for the reminder of what and who you use to be. Do this regardless of how good or bad the past may be. Tell the past that if it was not for the past you never would have been able to see God’s mighty and tender hand protecting you despite the desire your past had to crush you to nothingness.